See how to take a vintage piece and make it work with your personal style…

This vintage sweater I’m wearing today is very special to me because it was handed down from my father. My mother was actually the one that gave it to me; I saw her packing up old clothes a couple years back and asked about it because of the texture and it looked like it was my size…lol. Once she told me it belonged to my father I had to take it back to LA with me to embrace the value behind it.

When people go vintage shopping it’s more than just wearing old clothes and saving money…sometimes the clothes find a way to connect with the person and they see beyond what the typical eye does. I paired my vintage hand-me-down sweater with vintage checkered pants that I found in a shop about a year or so ago. The green converse sneakers adds to the entire vintage style that I’m pulling of today and the scarf accessory turn up the stylish outfit as well.


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