An amazing steak from the unexpected California Pizza Kitchen.

I usually don’t order steak at any other places besides steak restaurants, but I took chance because the display picture looked delicious. I ordered the rib eye medium rare because like most places that don’t specialize in steak over cook them a little and typically comes out a true medium. As aspected it the steak came out a true medium.

I was surprised from the very first bite…so many flavors!
The meat was pink and super tender all the way through. I was impressed that a pizza/pasta restaurant could cook a steak so well. I usually enjoy my rib eye with mash potatoes, but the roasted potatoes were good and went great with the dish. The lemon-garlic arugula salad was just okay and was a little too basic, so I could have went without it. Overall, the Fire-Grilled Rib Eye is definitely a great meal I will try again soon.

The avocado rolls are absolutely the best appetizers that can easily substituted for a meal. I have to force myself not order them every time just so I don’t get tired of them. Crispy on the outside, then nice and creamy on the inside with a bacon accented flavor. 

And last but not least, I ended my meal at CPK with the amazing/famous “Butter Cake” and vanilla ice cream. I will get more into detail with this mind blowing and delicious dessert in future posts.

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