A way to rock your Vans outside of the skate park…

I just recently purchased my first pair of classic Vans last week and I’m wondering what took me so damn long. I prepared the first generation because I like the simplicity of the shoe design which work great when dressing them up in a smart look. I talked my girlfriend into getting the same exact pair and she loves them just as much as I do and just a side note these are our first pair of his and hers lol.

I styled my red Vans with my blue and white checkered dress shirt and tan waistcoat. I also wore my navy dress slacks from my navy 3 piece suit and coordinated a soft blue pocket square to bring the outfit together. My favorite sock every gave me a pop of color to worked well with the red sneakers and navy dress pants.

blue-checkers-button-up dapper-menswear casual-menswear tan-socks tan-waistcoat blue-checkered-dress-shirt floral-pocket-square dapper-casual men-street-style mens-accessories mens-fashion mens-waistcoat navy-dress-pants wool-vest red-sneakers red-vans


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