See how we ended up in a cemetery all the way in Brooklyn…

As you my know by now my girl and I have been traveling for a few days and now we are in New York. The rooms were super expensive with so much going on in the city we decided to try out Air B&B for the very first time. This landed us in Brooklyn, NY just blocks away from the famous Greenwood Cemetery that was considered fashionable to be buried there years ago.

We started doing more research and soon discovered that one of our favorite artist Jean-Michel Basquiat was resting there and also the inventor of the first working sewing machine Elias Howe Jr. After knowing all of this new information we took off and did our very own tour. I hope you enjoy all of the beautiful imagery that we captured because the look of this cemetery is like no other.

greenwood-cemetery-ny greenwood-cemetery-2 greenwood-cemetery-1 cemetery-1 elias-howe-jr-2 elias-howe-sewing-machine greenwood-cemetery green-grass trees angel basquiat battle-ave brooklyn-ny


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