A great place to eat in the LA Fashion District Downtown…

Today’s food adventure is from a place I would pass by all the time on the corner of 9th and Spring to get fabric in the fashion district. After all this time it was the amazing Pattern Bar which is a place for great vibes and a cool hangout. Its one of those rare restaurants thats dope to catch up with friends and the food is good on some gourmet type level.

My girl and I have this one look that we give each other when food is bomb…lol…we were doing that look every time we took a bite out of a new dish. I’m really excited to have this place in the neighborhood and with a happy hour I won’t be able to resist.

shrimp-ceviche pattern-bar-2 beef-sandwich happy-hour LA-Fashion-District shrimp pattern-bar-restaurant pattern-bar restaurants-downtown-la sewing-machine


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