How to rock sneakers with your suits without looking goofy…

There are so many combinations to rock suits and I like to explore almost all of them from formal to casual wear and everything in between. Its not as easy as it look to rock sneakers with a suit because you have to close pay attention to all the little details that can effect your overall look.

The fit of the pants have to be tailored perfectly to your leg in order to have a pleasing look with such a casual shoe. The sneakers has to have a slick design…nothing big and bulky that’s going to make the hem of your pants bunch up at the bottom onto the tongue. Today I kept my style fairly simple with just a lapel pin and a pocket square on my jacket. Instead of a traditional suit look with a shirt and tie, I wore a t-shirt underneath to coordinate with the casualness of my adidas sneakers.

t-shirt-and-suit stylish-menswear mens-accessories men-business-suits mens-fashion-2 dapper-casual- mens-fashion men-gold-watch men-dress-casual floral-pocket-square adidas-sneakers gray-plaid-suit dapper-menswear plaid-suit-jacket


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    August 27, 2016 at 2:38 pm

    I really like the kicks … but don’t know wht type of adidas actually ??

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