See how to pull of a casual dapper look and showing a little skin…

I’m the type of person that try to get more use out of everything in my wardrobe, especially my suits. My salmon color suit I posted a few weeks back HERE & HERE are just a couple different ways on how I style it. Today I’m rocking only the suit pants in a casual dapper look without tie or even the suit jacket.

This look is simply a button up dress shirt with the first 3 buttons undone to show a some skin for the warm summer weather. The suit pants have been tailored with a few alterations done to them, those changes can be seen in this VIDEO. My navy tassel loafers withs no socks are such a classic look and you will see this style from me the entire season. All of my accessory details add so much more personality to my outfit oppose to not wearing any at all.

men street fashion

shirt- H&M; pants- LA Fashion District; shoes- Zara

dapper-casual mens-fashion-2 mens-fashion la-street-style sexy-dapper-look blue-dress-shirt mens-accessories pink-suit-pants navy-tassel-loafers golf-swing dress-casual


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