Come see my collaboration with Greg T. Brown…

Today I’m introduction my very first guest on the blog, Greg T. Brown. While living in Los Angeles for a little over 2 years, by way of England he has developed his brand as a Menswear Style Influencer and an expert in men’s grooming. Working as Style Ambassador for a men’s grooming product Apothecary87 Greg gets to travel around doing what he loves and knows best by teaching men the basics of keeping themselves up. Representing himself in a very dapper manner you can’t help but notice his stylish mustache that express his personality.
I’ve known Greg just over a year know by crossing paths on the LA Menswear scene, but the other day was our first time really hanging out and having a full conversation about the things we have interest in beyond clothes. He’s a really cool guy that’s passionate about everything that he’s involved in. At times I know he had a heard time understanding my thick southern accent and with his heavy British accent I was having a little trouble myself…LOL…but because true style is universal we had no problems at all communicating that!!!




We had a great time discussing ideas and past experiences at a coffee shop Downtown LA called “Coffee Colab” (located at 305 E. 8th St). This place has a really cool vibe as if we wear just hanging out on a street corner with friends. Colab really has some of the most amazing coffee here in DTLA and trust me I would know because I drink mine black and there’s no flavors that get past me.







Full Style post coming later this week so stay tuned…



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