Come see what you can do with a floral necktie & plaid dress shirt…

So today I might seem a little underdressed compared to my everyday wear, but there are tons of people that like the casualness of not wearing a sports coat with a shirt & tie which is not a bad thing at all. Whenever you plan to dress down make sure you still allow your outfit to pop by making  accessory details standout. One way I was able to do this was with the contrasting look of my floral necktie paired with a plaid dress shirt that looks more like artwork than a shirt & tie.
Everyone knows I love all kinds of prints especially rich in color because I’m able to express my personal style and more so personality. It’s very important that we all take time to wear things that we like the most and work those items into our everyday looks.
shirt- H&M; necktie- Pocket Square Clothing; pants- TopMan; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Gordon Rush











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