A stylish way to rock camo pants and accessorizing with a stylish backpack…

I had these camo pants you see in today’s post for about a year in a half now and its my first time wearing them. I happened to come across them the other day going thru some of my Spring clothes, so as soon as I saw them I wanted to have them photographed. I put them on and immediately saw that they needed to be tapered and if you follow my IG page (@norrisdantaford) there’s a 15 seconds video of me going through that process.

I kept this outfit casual with a white long sleeves thermal shirt and my Jordan 1’s that didn’t take away from the interesting camo print on the pants. If you didn’t notice I finally introduced my brown leather Coach backpack from my youtube video, Top 5 Favorite Christmas Gifts, I filmed back in December. The 2 tones of the bag makes a great contrast with almost anything I wear as you can see how it helps bring out the brown camo print. My accessories gives me details that are beyond what clothes alone could express for me and today I’m wearing a vintage pearl necklace with ruby-red stones. Traditionally worn by women, I was inspired by Pharrell Williams some years ago to introduce pearls into my accessory archive… I’m not going to lie either, it took a lot for me to walk out the house with them on for the first time too LOL!













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