If you’re ready for the Spring come see how you can look like it…

If you can’t tell from today’s post I AM READY FOR SPRING!!! Lol…this 2 weeks long “LA Winter” was enough for the city to complain about the 50 degrees that we rarely see here in Southern California. Now that it has passed its time to get ready for the Spring time and below is a cool way you can do weather its now or in a few weeks from here, depending on your location.

 You always want to be stylish along with keeping comfort in mind so today I wore a white tank top underneath a short sleeves button up, but unbuttoned to catch a good breeze on a hot day. I added my distressed denim jean that has a light wash on the thigh and knee to this outfit, and instead of having a hem added to the jeans because of the length I just put a big cuff on them which gave me lots of personality. Then last I put on my DOPE metallic blue puma sneakers with no socks needed. These shoes are one of my favorite pairs that I pull out during the Spring/Summer months that draws more attention to me than even my hair HAHAHA!




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