A few clothing items & accessory pieces to casual down your suit pants…

I love to do a lot with just a few pieces, thats when I’m the most creative because I’m inspired by a good challenge. Today I have taken the suit pants from Monday’s post of the Suit Jacket (click here), and pulled off a look for you to use for your dress pants without the coat that goes with it. This look is half casual & half dapper, but they both mix up well for a stylish streetwear outfit. I replaced the jacket that go with the pants with my favorite brown leather coat, then added the white Sam Smith Adidas sneakers to dress down the shirt, tie, & vest.
mens-fashion dapper-streetwear
Notice I put a pocket square in the breast pocket of the jacket to resembles a sport coat look that gives you a hint of detail I’m notorious for…haha! The colors in my wool necktie coordinates well with my polka dot socks I’m wearing. This is what perfectly tailored suit pants look like so take a good look the next time you purchase a suit and have no clue what to do with the pants.
dapper-menswear dapper-street-style gray-suit-pants plaid-necktie burgundy-pocket-square brown-leather-jacket plaid-necktie-2 white-adidas-sneakers men-accessory-pieces


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