How to prepare for the Spring, but stay comfortable during the transition…

While some of you are in the middle of winter at the moment with freezing temperatures the rest of us experiencing warmer weather to some degree are challenged on what to wear everyday. The weather forecast only give you a prediciton that helps a little, but when trying to be stylish and comfortable at the same time usually one is compromised depending on the individual’s preference. Below I have paired 5 different style looks to help come up with looks that will keep you warm and cool at the same time…lol…if that make sense. I refuse to give up style and I will never go out feeling uncomfortable, so my solution is to simply “Challenge Your Wardrobe.”

V-neck tee, plaid blazer, light denim jean pants, brown chelsea boots, & accessories.


Blue dress shirt, peach sweater (worn across the shoulders or over the dress shirt, brown chino pans, brown penny loafers, & accessories.


Light blue dress shirt, cream dress suit, brown double monks, & accessories.


Peach sweat shirt, yellow button up (worn tied around your waist), black distressed denim jean pants, black sneakers, & accessories.


Camo sweat shirt, green cargo pants, tan/gray sneakers, & accessories.


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