See how to jazz up a dapper look with color & details…

Today I wanted to dress up with a dapper feel, but nothing too traditional. I usually work my personal style into all the different menswear looks whether its dressing up or down. You have to have personality in every outfit that you wear no matter what because it elevates your style and confidence.
shirt- Gap; necktie- pocket square clothing; vest- vintage; jacket- Zara; suit pants- costumed-made (gift); socks- Gallant & Beau; Gordon Rush

I’m wearing all classic menswear pieces just not the traditional colors you would normally see in those pieces. Once I’ve added color I also put on some of my favorite accessories just as my rings, bracelets,  and watch that coordinates with the details gold buttons I had put onto the green sports coat.

I wear a flower lapel pin because it give me somewhat of a real flower look like the men did back around the 1920’s era. My accessory polka dot socks matches my shirt and tie combo almost perfect and brings all of my colors together to complete the look.

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