Learn about the top 5 dress shirt collars worn in menswear…

Since the nineteenth century the dress shirt has served to recognize a man’s social class and style, more than any other male garment. The collar is the most important feature when it comes to dress shirts. Way before successfully pulling off a classic look, an appropriately shaped dress shirt collar enhances the quality of fine dressing. Today I’m going to give you detailed information on the 5 top dress collars worn in menswear, as well as the best ways to style them.

The straight point collar is traditional and is the most worn collar of them all. It has a narrow spread which is great for medium to smaller tie knots and the narrower points on the collar have a visually slimming effect, which can work well for rounder faces. Recommended tie knots; simple, four-n-hand,  Half Windsor, & bow tie.

The stylish King Edward VIII was seen wearing the wide spread collar almost all the time because of the Double Windsor tie knots he loved to wear. This particular collar has a wider opening which gives you more room in between the flaps and allow guys to wear a wider tie knot. The collar helps with guys with a smaller and round face as well. Recommended tie knots; Half Windsor & Double Windsor.

A button down shirt collar is exactly what it sounds like… the collar of the shirt is buttoned down to the shirt at the points. Originally called polo shirts, the name derived form late 19th century English polo players that wore long sleeves oxford cloth shirts while playing. Their shirt collars would flap while galloping up and down the field, so they used buttons to hold them down and prevent them from moving. Recommended tie knots; simple, four-n-hand, Half Windsor, bow tie.


Also known as the round collar because of its unique shape, the club collar is definitely one of my personal favorites. Started at England’s Eton College, the students took the classic straight point collar and rounded off the edges, then made shorten the width to create a new look. This would distinguish them from other well dressed guys that didn’t attend school there, as if it was a club. Recommended tie knots; simple, four-n-hand, & bow tie.

As seen on “Boardwalk Empire” with a few of the other collars, the pinned down collar helps push the tie knot forward to make it more visible and stylish. This collar has holes on both flaps that allow a pin to go through the openings and sit behind the tie knot. Their flaps are most commonly shaped with similar to the classic straight point and club collar. Recommended tie knots; simple, four-n-hand, & Half Windsor.

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