See how to double up your jackets for stylish & of course to stay warmer…

I’m not going to act like its just freezing in Southern California to double up and wear two jackets at once, but there is a need to wear them for style…lol. The trick is to wear two light weight jackets as if you was wearing a long sleeves shirt and a jacket for outerwear. Just because LA is know for amazing weather all year around the temperature does drop low enough for me to call it cold.

I’m wearing a crewneck t-shirt as a first layer and a thin track jacket buttoned all the way up to the neck, giving off somewhat of a turtleneck look because of the collar. Last, I put on a denim jacket as an outer layer and added in a pocket square for a hint of style detail.

For the record my knees never get cold so I’m able to wear distressed jeans all year round…HAHA! I didn’t normally wear brown and black colors together, but I like the way they both work tougher in this look. The brown from the pocket square, gloves, and my skin tone were my jeans are distressed at the knees are what make the brown boots coordinate more with the outfit.

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