You can look dapper without a dress shirt & necktie combo, so come see how…

Today I pieced together a real easy outfit with an overall casual look, but full of dapper details that leaves me well put together. I enjoy wearing a full dress suit on a regular and nothing else makes me feel as stylish as I do when I wear them, but sometimes I just don’t be in a full suit mood. There are so many different ways to keep a dapper style without fully dressing all the way up. Personal style is all about how you feel expressing yourself through your appearance and its not practical to have the same feelings everyday.

My look consist of a pair of gray plaid dress pants and a light pink t-shirt that I tucked into the pants. I took a navy blue v-neck sweater and threw it over my shoulders to add personality so my outfit wouldn’t look so plain. Then I used my accessories to put more of my signature look on it, such as, the rings, watch, bracelets, & SOCKS!

Of course I wore dress shoes and the double monks were perfect, especially being my most favorite over the past couple months…thats why you have been seeing them a lot lately!

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    David Wamambo
    December 4, 2017 at 5:55 am

    This is my favorite post!!

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