See full details of my sweater and bow tie combo using leopard print…

The same way men shy away from the color pink, leopard print usually gets the same exact treatment in menswear. I actually enjoy the print and most times I am unable to find it in mens clothes so I have to get women pieces and have them altered to a men’s cut, just as I did with the sweater I’m wearing today. Just like styling anything else confidence is the number one important element when styling a bold print like leopard.

I had my bow tie custom made a few year ago because I couldn’t find a leopard print one at the time anywhere, so I found the fabric and had a tailor recut the design of another bow tie I had. It’s a non adjustable bow tie and its only fits my neck or anyone that has my neck measurements.

I love saddle shoes because they have such a classic and casual look to them all at the same time. From denim jeans, chinos, and dress pants they are one of the few casual shows that looks amazing with any pants style. I just threw in the pink socks just to have color and what better way to use a bold color to make your accessories pop.

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