How to dress it up a little without doing too much the entire Thanksgiving Day…

I don’t have to tell you how important Thanksgiving Day is other than it being the jump start of the holiday season. All day long we host guest full of family and friends, or we’re moving around the city crashing our “seasonal friends/family’s” dinner we haven’t seen all year long LOL! I’m guilty of that myself too, but I promise I only crash those that have plenty of food to share… just playing (not really).

Today’s look is all about making it through the entire Thanksgiving Day and not have to sacrifice  style over comfort & vise versa. I wanted to have a dapper feel so I immediately went for the shirt and tie combo. The checkered fitted dress shirt has a bright navy color that coordinates with the navy knit necktie, and because of the texture it’s of my favorite solid color neckties at the moment.

The pink crewneck sweater hanging across my shoulders is for style only in the daytime, then at night when the temperature drops I actually wear it as a top layer and it becomes comfort to keep me warm. My denim jeans is the most casual out of everything I’m wearing, and after adding a cuff at the bottom they matched up great with the brown double monks.

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