See how I styled this trench coat with colored buttons…

In all honesty an old friend left this jacket at my house about 2 years ago that they borrowed from someone else and since then I had it tailored to my body, as well as the generic buttons removed. So a special thanks to whoever you are out there for this green trench coat, much appreciated!

I had a different color button added to the jacket to add more personality to it instead of the generic solid green ones that came with it. I styled it more of a streetwear look with a gray sweat shirt and black distressed denim jeans underneath.

This is an outfit I throw on when I’m not trying to be too dressed up, but still stylish. When people see this jacket and they don’t care about anything else that I have on usually and the first thing that they notice are the BUTTONS!!

The navy blue Chelsea boots added more swag to my streetwear look and coordinates with the style of the trench coat. All my accessories help with making the simple outfit look stylish because they add so much cool detail.

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