Staying warm but still stylish with the classic Letterman Jacket…

I earned my very own Letterman Jacket back in High School when I participated in football and track & field. The jacket that I’m wearing today I picked up at a vintage shop about a year ago and the letters caught my eye because my initials used to N.B. for Norris Bonds, before my name was changed after officially being adopted. I also like the tennis and swimming patches on the front.

The Letterman Jacket adds an Ivy League look to most outfits as you can see in this style post. I matched the jacket with a pair of khaki chino pants that contrasted well with the dark brown color of the Letterman. I also dressed up the look with a floral club collar (a collar that is round at the ends) button up, floral necktie, and light gray vest underneath.

Ironically,  this jacket has the same bulldog mascot as my high school team which made me connect with it even more. Not trying to sound cliche, but the jacket kinda found me that day… lol.

The classic Chuck Taylor (All-star Converse) sneakers put the finishing touches on my prep look. The green stands out from my outfit without taking away from it. How can you not like the socks tho? I rarely wear argyle socks, but these coordinate so well with the Letterman Jacket that I almost have to wear them every time I rock it.

As you can see the jacket has a hood attached to it and the dope thing about it is the inserted zipper attached right in the center allowing it to hang flat across my back, as if it was a cape.

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