See how making a few adjustments can make all the difference…

Who wear oversized tees or even like them in general? Usually anything that’s oversized is considered sloppy and not flattering at all. Now that the extended/oversized t-shirts have made a comeback designers have been able to make a few adjustments that makes them appealing and more stylish. Today I’m going to show off an original oversized t-shirt without the new designer cut that I had adjustments made with my local tailor to bring personality to it.

If you look closely at my sleeves they stop about halfway down my biceps. This was the first part of the adjustments that I had done and the original cut was a bit longer stopping pass my elbow. Everything else near my shoulders and chest area I left untouched.

The second alteration I had done was adding zippers to both side seems of the t-shirt. I started the zippers underneath my armpits and extended them all the way down to were the shirt ended. I had this shirt made by working along side my tailor telling him exactly how I wanted it done because at the time I wasn’t sewing. During the process my tailor disagreed with me on some of the adjustments, but I knew what I wanted done and overall it came out well. I think I smell a video tutorial coming soon demonstrating how to customize your oversized t-shirt (excited emoji).

I styled my t-shirt with a pair of skinny navy/black/gray camo print pants. The super fitted camo pants did a great contrast with the oversized tee and allowing it to standout and look stylish, not sloppy.

I put formal polish on this outfit with my patent leather dress shoes. I wore them with no socks and it make the outfit look not as casual as it could have looked wearing sneakers.

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    November 11, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    My name is Erik and I'm from Columbus, Ohio trying to make my way outta here with fashion. I love how you push the fashion game and I wanna be in your shoes.. Help get me there!!

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