Drop crotch so DOPE I had to give them to you BACK-TO-BACK…

I promise I’m not trying to be lazy on video material for you all, but I honestly feel like my project was so dope I just had to give them to you one more time in a new look. For those that didn’t connect with the sweater drop-crotch sweat pants I’m posting a full new look on how to style them with a hint of dapper flavor. And if you missed last week’s blog post go back and compare which look you like the most.

Today I went back-to-back with the camo drop-crotch sweat pants from my video tutorial and dressed it up a little. A classic fitted white dress shirt with a camo bowtie gave me a clean look up top and the tan vest and brown leather jacket make it more stylish.

I left my shirt untucked because the elastic waistband on the pants don’t look that great with the tucked in look. The outfit looks a lot better with the shirt out anyway, trust me I tried both…lol!

Details will forever drive my outfits and without them I would probably look like everyone else…hmm… well closer to everyone else. The camo bowtie worked well with the camo sweat pants even tho they had a different color mixture, sometimes the same prints work just because they are simply the same prints, no matter what the colors are.

Round of applause to my favorite boots of the season and I can’t tell you how much more you will see these babies in my future blot posts. They added to the hipster/bad boy look of the leather biker jacket which also makes the casual sweat pants look more stylish.

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