See style details of Tom, Aaron, & Norris looks wearing a double-breasted suit…

Although the double-breasted suit is not as popular as they last were in the mid 80s to mid 90s, there are still a hand full of gentlemen attempting to put them in rotation. Today I’m showing detailed styling options from my Tom, Aaron, & Norris looks so guys can see there are many different ways to rock it, and no matter what style you have there’s a way to keep it stylish.
This is a traditional look but with a little pop of color. The double-breasted suit was styled with a classic white fitted dress shirt with a pumpkin orange corduroy necktie. This is a great example of how to bring color into an outfit without doing too much and keeping it classy.

The off white pocket square gave it a somewhat soft touch and kept a clean look without having to use a traditional basic white one. If you look down to the green socks, they help match the color tone in my necktie and makes it pop even more. Colored dress socks are in fellas even in the corporate  world so don’t be afraid to wear them. If there’s one accessory item that you can get funky with, your dress socks is definitely one of them.


A soft blue fitted dress shirt and yellow striped necktie is not completely different but look at the details. The dress shirt has a spread collar and the necktie is tied with a simple tie knot and is clipped down to the shirt with a tie bar. This brings lots of character to my collar and chest area, because typically a wide spread collar is a better fit for a windsor tie knot (a knot that is wider & fuller in size), and with the smaller simple knot it gives more space in between the tie and collar.

The pink pocket square, as my female friends would say, “is EVERYTHING” in this look. It literally pops out at you from the entire look and bring so much stylish flavor. This will be the one thing that people will remember from this outfit, and was the least expensive of all the items assembled together for the look.

This might sound confusing, but sometimes wearing no socks will give off the same affect as wearing socks. When it comes to wearing dress shoes it takes a certain type of guy to pull of wearing no socks and keeping the look clean and stylish. Loafers are the best dress shoes to do this with because of the low cut design they have as you can see in the close up picture below.


This look is all accessory driven and takes over the entire outfit. The first things you notice with this look is the floral necktie, colorful pocket square, and white rose lapel pin. The green pencil striped and fitted dress shirt underneath my suit jacket adds more to the colorful theme.

More times than not my jewelry coordinates perfect with the accessories I’m wearing in my outfits. The more you can coordinate and mix in with bold pieces the better your outcome will be no matter how crazy you get with mixing patterns or colors.

Not a single or double, but a TRIPLE monk strap dress boot! You rarely see these and I honestly didn’t know they existed before I purchased the ones you see here. The cool thing about these dress boots is that when I first got them they were the same light brown color all over including the flap. I had the leather flap dyed a darker brown and the original silver buckles replaced with the gold ones as you see. It changed the look of them completely.

After Alterations
Before Alterations

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