Come get some amazing Italian food from one of the hottest spots Downtown LA…

I haven’t been living Downtown LA long to know about all the hot eateries just yet, but I can tell you a little something about “Bottega Louie“. I would pass by this restaurant on the way to my tailor headed to the fashion district and would always wondered what the food was like, but never stopped because it just looked way too fancy (meaning expensive) so I would just window eat and keep walking. Then a few months back my girl friend kept mentioning one of her favorite spots DTLA, so I had to go eat there and when I arrived I realized it was the same place I has passed up many times. 

The venue has an amazing space with huge windows all around the front and side and with clean white walls making the place look more like a food art gallery. As soon as you step in you have tons of desserts right in your face such as macarons, pastries, croquembuche, cupcakes, verrines and the list goes on.

One of my favorite appetizer is the portobello mushroom fries…ugh!! They are amazing and they come with this delicious green sauce that makes the mushroom flavors pop in your mouth *pause*.  If you like mushrooms you will definitely enjoy these for sure.  

On my last visit I had the Artichoke Pizza that was good as well. They serve their pizzas fresh out the oven and right to your table. The cool thing about this place is that the kitchen sits right in the center of the restaurant. You can literally sit and watch them make everything thats ordered depending on where you’re seated at.

I tried the Shrimp Scampi for the first time and it was…hmm okay. The portion was a bit small but overall I enjoyed the dish. The best thing about this one for me were the shrimp, because they serve them still in the shell which adds a lot more flavor during the cooking process.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t at least mention the Butterscotch Budino. Please don’t get turned away because of it’s size because its packed with layers on top of layers with caramel and butterscotch custard all the way to the top of the dessert cup. The little salted caramel macaron makes the entire dessert, because as you’re eating from the cup you nibble pieces as you go and is so flavorful. Then now imagine all of that topped with whipped cream and candied almonds making your dessert experience very enjoyable.

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