See how adding the smallest details can make the most stylish outfits…

Hey whats up everybody! Today I’m highlighting how I styled my turtleneck sweaters just by adding a simple accessory. I’m not wearing any fancy blazer or suit jacket and yet the outfit is just as stylish with cool details added. One way to pull off a simple yet stylish look is great choice of color and coordinating them together.

Sometimes scarfs are not used enough especially when it comes to creating a great outfit. I used a scarf in this look as if it was a necktie on a button up dress shirt and is the key accessory in making the look pop. The navy, orange, green, & royal blue colors in the scarf coordinates so well with the burgundy red turtleneck sweater and purple velvet pants.

I like wearing dress pants without a belt and vintage pants are perfect for that type of look because most of the pants back in the day were made without any belt-loops. It gives a real clean look to the outfit and it also helps with not stressing on finding a belt to match the shoes and colors of the clothes.

The socks once again adds so much more personality to a stylish look. They pop out and immediately connects with the scarf’s color tones and brings the entire look together. The same as aways, never forget about your jewelry accessories…watch, rings, bracelets, & anything else you can get your hands on to work into your looks.

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