5 ways to be stylish with the traditional trench coat…

 Sometimes we all think too much about being stylish and feel we aways need new items to pull off new looks. Today I’m going to show you 5 different ways to rock a trench coat. This particular jacket is also the perfect transitioning outer garment from summer to fall. 
This first look is super causal with the khaki chino pants paired with the Birkenstocks slippers. A white v-neck t-shirt adds a stylish detail with the cardigan sweater and all the accessories makes the outfit come to life with great color. 

This is another casual look that you can pull off without trying too hard. A pair of jeans with cool designs on them always work with dope sneakers. The white polo shirt buttoned all the way to the top gives off a dressy look just because of the collar. The brown belt coordinates most of the look together with the neural colors from the jacket and shoes.
This is one of my favorite casual looks and one of the more effortless because its simply a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt. So, the distressed jeans always bring personality to your outfit and they work well with the chelsea boot. The Chelsea boot is one of the most stylish casual boots that can turn a basic look into something amazing.

I consider this outfit an all purpose look because it’s dressy enough for the office, but still comfortable for running errands, on a date, or simply just hanging out with friends. The navy dress slacks with the light blue  fitted dress shirt gives a clean look to the red crewneck sweater. The colorful polka dot soaks coordinates with the red sweater and makes the outfit stylish. Brown wingtip boots look great with dressing up or down and can be worn everyday.

The trench coat is the perfect jacket for dressing up in a suit. The lapels in the trench coat matches up the design style of the suit jacket lapels and makes the look very pleasing to the eye. I played with a few different colors that worked great with my blue suit. The green pocket square, pink fitted dress shirt, and red tie brought so much life to the outfit. The multi-colored striped socks balanced all the color and added a nice style touch. Brown double monk shoes and belt put a classic touch on the look and was able to tone the colors down just a little.

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