Mixing a dapper style with the swag of a leather jacket…

Throughout the fall/winter seasons I will be styling a series of different ways to wear a leather jacket. Today I put a dapper spin on the tough and distressed biker jacket. The key to pulling of the look is the fit of the leather jacket. I’m wearing a dress shirt, necktie, and waist coat (vest) without a suit jacket or blazer. The nicely fitted leather jacket replaces the suit jacket/blazer because it has a tailored look to it. The leather jacket has similar lapels and still gives me a clean look without being too dressed up on the outerwear. 

The cool thing about this particular leather jacket is that it has a zipper opening breast pocket on the left side of my jacket which is where I would typically put a pocket square, if it was a suit jacket or blazer. So, because I love details I opened up the zipper on the pocket and placed a pink pocket square to match the pink in my dress socks.

Anytime you don’t want to wear a suit or just don’t own one to even wear, remember that chino pants are your next best friend. A nice pair of socks and dress shoes will help dress them up to fit a shirt, tie, & blazer look.

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