An inside look on how I rock my Stan Smith Adidas…

There’s usually someone rocking the classic Stan Smith Adidas on every street corner I’ve noticed since they’ve become trendy. Some do okay and others…hmm…not so much. But today I wanted to show a dope streetwear look and how to take something thats trendy and style it in a way it won’t even matter how many people are wearing it.
t-shirt – Urban Outfitters; sweater – AZUL; jeans – Zara; shoes – Adidas
One of my key details in almost all my looks are my accessories. They standout in a way that works great for my personal style, such as the pearl necks I rock in a cool masculine way. All the rest of my jewelry coordinates with it from the bracelets, rings, watch, & hair pieces. These are the things people see when they are looking at my outfit and it makes my causal jeans, t-shirt, & sweater look more interesting.  

I personally like the simplicity of the Stan Smith Adidas because they took a well designed sneaker that anyone could pull off and added just enough details to make them a great collaboration.  
I’m very selective when it comes to streetwear because more people tend to dress that way. I took a pair of grey distressed denim jeans and put a 4 inch cuff in them simply because they were too long. I was thinking about having alterations done to them, but noticed that the denim was black on the reverse side and thought that was dope, so I left them as is. Up top I put on a light grey t-shirt that stops mid-thigh and threw a grey sweater thats stops about 3 inches shorter. This gave me a good layering combo added so much personality to the outfit.
“You know how a graphic can express a feeling or an emotion? Layers can too.”  ~ Kanye West

The next time you think about pulling your Stan Smith’s out for the day remember to put you own spin on them because its definitely going to help you stand apart and challenge someone else’s wardrobe.

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    Demetrius Smith
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    cool gear

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