How to style a bold piece such as the Madras print blazer…

The Madras print blazer is one of them pieces that most men look at and within seconds say they can’t pull it off. When wearing a statement piece you have to either allow it to stand out from your outfit or coordinate it well with your look. In this post you’ll see a wide range of style from Tom, Aaron, & myself on how traditional or extreme you can go.

For the Tom look I wanted to allow the jacket to be the focal point of the outfit. In order to do this I had to be very carful about color and other patterns to keep the look clean and traditional.

The green necktie played a huge role by giving a hint of color to match up with the Madras print without being too boring or over the top. A white fitted dress shirt is always a classic way to tone down a bold piece.
I wore my navy chino pants as a neutral color and a way to tone my look down at times. This helps you balance or shift a persons view point to the jacket. The navy penny loafers are about as classic as it gets and its only right to wear them with no socks. If you can find a navy shoe in a classic style it will give you more styling options than black dress shoes.

This is coordinating at is best! Switching out the navy chinos for burgundy just really made the entire outfit glow. I kept the white fitted dress shirt and added a navy knit necktie which kept a classic look up top with the jacket. The tie also brought a warm feel with the textures in the knit fabric.

The tan vest gave me a three piece look and helped mix the Madras print and burgundy pants all together. My navy tassel loafers worn with a light yellow sock pops just as much as the jacket and coordinates together.

Color tones and textures played a major role in this look. Even tho there’s a lot going on the look is very stylish.


If you haven’t seen my tagline “challenge your wardrobe” this is one way I do that. I like adding more to my outfits to see how far I can go and still pull out a stylish look. My body is simply a canvas and the clothes I put on is the artwork I create as an artist.

The print mixing is where I usually start losing a few people that think about too many rules. I’m wearing a light blue fitted dress shirt with a white collar which is classic. The polka dot necktie has the same color blue that my sneakers do. The red vest is just super bold and makes you look pass the jacket for a split second, but also brings out the burgundy in the Madras print. The navy pants with white polka dots helps tone colors down and at the same time coordinates with the white polka dots in my necktie.
As you get to know me throughout my blog and youtube channel you’re going to learn that Jordan 1’s are my favorite of all the Jordan collection and I love dressing them up.

Just one more polka dot print to add with the outfit. Dapper and dope at the same time!

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