Camo & Retro Jordan 1’s will always have a place in streetwear…

Nothing else screams streetwear louder than Camo and Retro Jordan 1’s. A super casual yet still stylish outfit, this combo packs in lots of swagger far beyond what the normal I can see. This is basic streetwear at its best.
t-shirt – H&M; jacket – thrifted; jeans – Zara; shoes – Jordan 1’s
The best way to add more detail to a sleeve is to fold a cuff in them as you can see in my short sleeves camo jacket. Underneath I’m wearing a gray crewneck t-shirt to keep the look simple but wanted to use a color and not just white. 
The jeans have a layer of wax coated on top of the denim that adds a little shine and makes them look dope. I also like the stitching across the leg and distressed holes adding more personality.

I’m not going to flex, I’m nowhere close to being a sneaker head, but I do appreciate Retro Jordan 1’s. These are my favorite Jordan sneaker because of the old school hightop design with the big nike check long both sides of the shoe.
All of the details of my accessories makes classic streetwear look more tailored to my personal style.

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