Rocking joggers is a great way to build style around comfort…

Some people think that you have to be dressed all the way up to have style and look presentable. Having true style is being able to be versatile and the ability to pull off different looks by dressing up or down. I feel that every individual has some type of style, but have to be “stylish” in some way in order to bring their style out.

Today I pulled out the casual jogger pants that automatically makes you look dressed down the moment you put them on. Instead of styling them the most common way with sneakers, t-shirt or sweat shirt, I totally when the opposite direction. I rocked more of a polished look by mixing in  a few classic pieces.

The floral dress shirt buttoned all the way up to the neck with no tie came across clean and sharp without over doing it. The fabric in the yellow blazer is very similar to the fabric in the joggers, so it matched up great with the look. Sometimes guys mess up when trying to dress down a suit jacket, because some fabrics don’t translate well to certain look.

My accessories always give my outfits that extra push. The pink flower lapel pin adds character to my jacket and coordinates with my navy and pink pocket square. The watch with all my rings and bracelets are just part of my personal style and I pretty much wear them with any look.

A huge part of this look and most important are my navy tassel loafers. Loafers with out socks is a classic and stylish way to wear them which gives the joggers a very neat/clean look. I would consider this look a mix between dapper and casual.

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