Camo pants with a dapper touch…

Originally worn as uniforms, camouflage (camo for short) print was adopted from the military and slowly became a trend in streetwear today. Camo is a print that you rarely see dressed up until recently from a few different high-end designers. Today I have taken a pair of camo pants in a brown, tan, and gray color-wave for the TOM, AARON, & NORRIS style looks.

For the everyday guy camo pants still might be a huge jump, so it was important to keep everything else classic to tone them down a little. I started with a clean white fitted dress shirt because whenever you’re in doubt a white button up will usually give off more of a classic look over any other colors. Then I used a solid dark green jacket to coordinate with the colors in the pants. The brown loafers and belt together helped add to the classic look because these items really tied the entire outfit together.
The necktie is a soft shade of pink, that gives you just enough color up top to satisfy the style. With a soft shade of blue, the pocket square served the same purpose as the tie did, both together gives you a little color to give flavor to the outfit.

And last, the green socks kept the theme of the camo going, but with a slight different tone they managed to stand out some and not get too washed up by the pants.

For the adventurous man I replaced the soft pink necktie with a burgundy bow tie with navy and tan stripes (one of my favorite bow ties). Not many people wear bow ties so its always one of my first options to make my outfit standout. The green/light pink polka dot pocket square complimented the bow tie. I also put on a tan vest to get that 3 piece suit effect, as I do often.
The mustard tan socks I used in this look is very important because they match the color tone in my bow tie. When you look at this outfit, those two pieces pull everything in between together and makes the camo pants stylish.
First before I explain this look, the socks were key to pulling everything off. I played with lots of bright colors to help make this look work. The lime green fitted dress shirt coordinated well with the camo pants, pink/green striped socks, floral necktie, and floral blazer. When trying to wear multiple patterns at once there has to be something to tie them all in, and in this case it was that hint of lime green color.

I kept the tan vest from the Aaron look for the 3 piece suit effect and to help bring out the neutral colors in the pants. This was a great way to bring a balance to all the prints and colors going on at once. The floral blazer is a daring piece for men especially with the cam pants, so I had to make sure I added pieces that were just as daring to match it.  And last, I added a whited rose lapel pin because it stands out against all eclectic mixture. 

The highlight of this look are the socks matching the tone of the pocket square colors in the breast pocket of the floral blazer. I threw in another camo print pocket square in the side pants pocket just to make use of an unused pocket. 

Thanks for visiting and always find a way to “Challenge Your Wardrobe”.

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