Delicious shrimp & grits and much more…

I was born and raised in the south so I can appreciate good southern food when I can find it out here in Los Angeles. I first heard about this restaurant from a local about a year ago and it definitely put a new spend on traditional dishes I grew up on. Whenever I’m on the westside of town and in the mood for inspiring flavors, “My 2 Cent” is usually one of my first choices to eat at.

I was running a few errands across town this past weekend and couldn’t help but stop in to enjoy their tasty shrimp and creamy corn parmesan grits. The shrimp are so well seasoned they compliment the grits perfect with every bite. On this last visit I also tried something new, the bbq fried chicken with collard greens and dirty rice. I personally wouldn’t have thought to put bbq sauce on my fried chicken, but the way they make it work is quite remarkable.
The staff at this restaurant extend such great customer service too. From the moment you walk in they all harmonize a warm hello just for you, then manage to cater to all your needs until you leave.
“My 2 Cent” has a nice setting and cool atmosphere that compliments the food. I absolutely love the colors and artwork all over the space and gives off a great overall personality.
One thing you will find out about me is that I love desserts and more specifically cheesecake. I took a glimpse at the dessert menu and was introduced to the “Mango Cheesecake.” Rich in flavor this cake can satisfy any sweet tooth and will makes you enjoy the crust the same as you do the mango and creamy cake mixture in between.
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