Hello and thanks for visiting my brand new lifestyle blog site!

I’m super excited and would like to give a special thanks to everyone that’s been following my social media and is familiar with any of my past work. This time around I will be connecting with my audience even more than before and will cover far more than whats posted on a traditional fashion blog.

My new lifestyle blog is a platform that encourages men to enhance, change, or create more of a personal style around the things that shape-up their individual lifestyles. I will continue to use my eclectic style to inspire and teach men to simply do more, by mixing prints and patterns, ways to properly color block, and combining different styles to pull off new looks, are just a few examples.
Although men’s fashion is growing, there are still a lot of men that know nothing about fashion and lack any type of style at all. For the everyday guy that’s starting their personal style from the ground up I will demonstrate/teach the very basics of how clothes should fit,  how to select the best color choices, and how to accessorize.

Today I will introduce my 3 different style levels; TOM, AARON, & NORRIS. I will take one item and use these 3 looks to serve as a guideline to what best fits your current style or one that you wish to obtain or enhance.
I know that fall is coming and everybody is trying to get a jump start on preparing their next wardrobe, but lets not get too excited and miss out on these last few days. The heat is still highly active in some places. Here are 3 different ways to style “pink shorts” before transitioning into the fall.
Classic everyday style; this look will be for the everyday guy. Emphases will be put on the proper fitting, best color choices, and how to dress for different occasions.

The pink shorts with the Tom was put together with mostly traditional colors, navy and white. You can never go wrong with a clean, nicely fitted dress shirt. The navy/white skinny necktie gives the look a stylish modern touch it needed to balance out the boldness of the pink shorts. In order to pull off a Tom look with a bold color like pink, you have to keep everything else simple. Try not to do too much when you’re already outside of your comfort zone.
Even though menswear is evolving, there are still men that shy away from the color “pink”. It’s definitely a bold color, but how can you grow and advance your personal style if you’re not able to step outside your comfort zone? I’ll put it this way, once you try pink selecting other colors from then on will probably get easier, in terms of your comfort level.
Navy penny loafers are one of my favorite classic pieces. They match up perfect with the navy/white skinny necktie that completes the look. I simply threw in that yellow belt to not be boring, a classic look should still be fun.
Adventurous style; this look will focus on the details that help make an outfit pop. How to use different accessories, style bold pieces and still keep a classic look while introducing new styles.

When temperatures are high and you want to pull off a nice dapper look without feeling too uncomfortable, the best way to do so is by adding a vest (also known as a waist coat). Just like a blazer or suit jacket, a pocket square can be added to the vest for detail and to enhance the look, depending on the style.

In order to make an outfit “pop” something about it has to stand out. How can you stand in a crowd of people and be spotted amongst everyone? In this case it was a combination of bright colors, but instead of matching the same colors together I matched their tones. The lime green in the striped necktie has the same color tone of my red belt and allows it to coordinate well with my overall outfit.
The navy tassel loafer always adds a classy touch to almost any outfit. Matching the navy from my striped necktie along with the actual style of the loafer makes a bold outfit very classy.
Expert style; this look is for anyone seeking inspiration to do more. Ways to step outside the box and learn what most traditional menswear influencers won’t or are unable to teach. Multiple pattern & print mixing, color blocking, combining different styles, etc.

After you reach a certain level of style you will probably want to get more creative with your looks. There will always be room for improvement and much to learn as you grow, but at some point you will begin to try different things because of your expanding knowledge and confidence. I’m an artist that considers my body a canvas and the clothes that I put on it as my art. The ability to mix colors, patterns, prints, styles, etc. is really considered a true talent.
I paired my pink shorts with a lime green fitted dress shirt that has the same soft tone in the color. I added a very bold piece as you can see with the madras printed (usually patterned textures and plaid designs) vest. Although there’s a lot going on in this piece, it has every complementing color that I’m wearing and pulls my entire outfit together. One thing that most women enjoy the most outside of a well dressed man is him having the ability to accessorize. You will see a lot of this from my personal style with the rings, tie bars, bracelets, lapel pins, etc.
The red belt is such a keep piece to this outfit with adding a cool contrast with the pink pants. I rarely see these two colors together if any at all. And last the white flower lapel pin is me adding a little fancy to the look. There are a few brands out there that make the modern designed lapel pins, but I prefer the ones that look like actual flowers.

Thanks for visiting and always find a way to “Challenge Your Wardrobe”.

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